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In this clip, Lil Rel spoke about landing his role on The Carmichael Show. According to Lil Rel, Jerrod Carmichael approached him about screen-testing for a role on a show he was developing, but after testing, he said Jerrod wasn’t feeling it. Despite having the support of the producers, Jerrod Carmichael wasn’t quite sure Lil Rel was right for the role he had written. Fast forward, Jerrod changed the focus of the show and crafted a character perfect for Lil Rel who auditioned and received a standing ovation afterward.

Lil Rel continued on discussing how he got the role in Jordan Peele’s Get Out and his reaction to the news was similar to Will Smith’s reaction to landing his dream job in Pursuit of Happiness. Lil Rel said that beyond the movie and TV roles, he knew he finally made it after being able to take his kids to Disneyland without planning or saving for the trip.