We Love Hip Hop Podcast | Outside B4 Instagram | (Barbershop Talk At Apollo) Full Episode 281

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Amazing and deep conversation at Apollo Barbershop! We Love Hip Hop Podcast | Outside B4 Instagram | (Barbershop At Apollo) Full Episode 281 Salute to Banks 360 & Dream Team Jones for being so candid with us this week.

00:00 – 00:04:06 Vlog Interview Intro
00:04:06 – 00:12:10 The struggles of having a Barbershop in a lockdown
00:12:10 – 00:14:42 Hell’s Angels Come To Toronto/ Police Shook
00:14:42 – 00:31:11 EFS Nightclub Incident/ Should we have Concealed Carry Laws
00:31:11 – 00:33:23 Pressa Rolling Loud Story Start
00:33:23 – 00:35:12 Pressa Rolling Loud Story Continued
00:35:12 – 00:55:04 Downtown Toronto Going Down, Addiction & Mental Health Discussion
00:55:04 – 01:10:06 Bringing Down Gun Violence
01:10:06 – 01:11:30 Outro Shout Outs

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Recorded: July 2022
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