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In this clip, Michael Rapaport goes in-depth about his dislike of Lonzo Ball and the circus around him. First, Rapaport went in on Lonzo’s comments about Nas stating that he can tell Lonzo doesn’t listen to Nas based on of his game and personal swag. He pointed out that hip-hop is the only genre of music, and wider culture for that matter, that thinks disrespecting the past is cool. Michael Rapaport places Lonzo directly in that context with his disrespect of Nas.

Michael Rapaport went on to call Lonzo Ball’s music garbage and told him to make music for his friends instead of posting it on Instagram. Afterwards, Rapaport dissed Lonzo further by saying he’s probably not the best rapper in his family and that he’s definitely not one of the best rookies in the NBA… not even the best rookie on his own team.