SHARE – Many didn’t suspect Fredro Starr to dominate the battle between him and Keith Murray, but even Murda Mook can admit Murray “was all over the place.” To be fair, he did repeat a verse several times, and “he knows that’s all the way against the rules,” says Mook. So when he was asked who he thought was better between Keith Murray and Canibus in their respective battles, Mook had to give it to Canibus – “even with the notepad.”

Though later admitting Canibus’ “notepad was a bad look” during his battle with Dizaster, he still thinks his performance was better than Murray’s in terms of lyricism. Murda Mook then went on to speak about the theatrics involved in the Fredro Starr vs. Murray battle while praising Starr for doing “his homework.”

Hear what else Murda Mook had to add up top.