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5 Most Common Music Industry Mistakes TOO MANY Artists Make | Ditto Music

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What is the BIGGEST mistake you’ve made as an independent artist?
How difficult has it been for you navigating the industry as an artist? Have you found it hard making the correct decisions for your career? Have you found yourself coming across obstacles or simply making the same music industry mistakes over and over again?

For this video we’ll be focussing on 5 major mistakes that artists makes during their music career. We’ll be breaking down what they are, how to avoid them and the best practices moving forward.

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5 Most Common Music Industry Mistakes

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00:00​​​​ – Intro
01:47 – Not Taking Care Of Your Main Tool
04:17 – Not Building Your Foundation: Brand & Plan
06:16​ – Not Targeting Anyone In Particular
07:31​​ – Not Having Clear Access
10:12 – Comparing Yourself To Others
11:11​​ – More Mistakes To Avoid
14:25​ – Recap

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