Top 15 Richest Rappers In The World 2018

Who is the richest Rapper in the world? That’s one question you’ve always asked so here it is: ranked the top 15 richest rappers in the world as of 2018!
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*** Some of our dear aluxers made an interesting observation; which is that Usher is not a rapper. Well, Usher is a world wide known r&b artist and most of you, probably, are familiar with some of his hits! However, that does not mean he didn’t create songs belonging to other genres, which brings us to the matter at hand; if Usher rapped at least in one song he qualifies for this top! ***

Most of you have requested we do a profile on some of the people mentioned on this list, that’s why we even made it a top 15 and not a top 10, just so we can fit as many of your favorite rappers as possible.

In this original video, you’ll find the answer to the following questions:

Who is the richest rapper in the world?
How rich is Jay Z? How Rich is P Diddy? How Rich is Dr. Dre? How Rich is 50 cent? How Rich is Lil’ Wayne? How Rich is Birdman? How Rich is Drake? How Rich is Usher?
along with brief bios of some of your favorite artists.

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