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icekream – BOLT (Official Video) ft. Tully

Countryside linkup, Family engagements. When hopelessness meets sophistication, When angry sub woofer meet sweet neighbor. This is our thoroughbred, hop on & BOLT as fast as you can.

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Available on all streaming platforms: Linktr.ee/icekream

Music & Concept by @icekream
Directed by @TheKassandraPowell
Cinematography: Harry Nelder
1st AC/ focus puller: Erdvilas P Abukevicious
2nd AC: Glen Mountford
Gaffer: Frank Hammond
Styling: Ignasio De Tiedra
MUA: Daisy Moore
Models: Natalie Akinbaje, Hayley May Larkin & The Bailey Family
Editing: Kassandra Powell
Colorist: Alexandre Nerzic
Graphics: Glen Mountford
Runner: Chloe Dunphy

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IG: icekream
Soundcloud: icekream​
TikTok & Twitter: MrKream​

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IG: Tullyman_


When I’m on the mic
The girls be like woah
the man go flow
Run over the beat
Like Usain Bolt
Lyrics so pure
Like uncut coke,
If I give you a bit
Then you gonna want more
Texting me at 4 in the morning
Is just annoying
Unless you’re horny
Uber exec to my crib
We can get the debauchery
Session locked in
I am the one with my tongue
Rapid just like a machine gun
Ladies yea I love the pom pom
Wanna come to my crib
For a big fat spliff
and an orgasm
Man I got game yeah
Man I got style
I don’t even try make
The girls go wild
But I love it when I see
Them girls wind pon me
Wind ‘pon the cocky
Wind pon me
Man I got them Rasta vibes in me
Big up Selassie
Bun that weed
Bless up my fam
In the West Indies
Cause my blood got quarter Guyanese
When I was a yoot
My mother brought me up
On pepper pot curry goat and
Roti daily

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