Leaf – No Freaky (Official Music Video)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “No Freaky” by Leaf.
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“No Freaky” Lyrics:

My nigga from Brooklyn the club is in Jersey
Dance in the pussy it’s sturdy
Screaming my neighbors they heard me
How do you like it?
Just nasty and dirty
Pull out ya spoon come give it a try
Stick me in June pull out in July
Explode the balloon I blow til it pop
Catching it all for it drop
Chase Bank
Ion clout chase
Better eat me out til ya mouth ache
You my soldier then be about face
Better spank me til I make that pout face
I like it rough and rowdy like the rebel
Play with ya ball I can never fumble
Come fuck me missionary like a devil
Switch me to doggystyle I’m in trouble

Buss your top No freaky
Let’s shoot a movie Kinky
Told that bitch Come see me
If you not a treesha Don’t link me
No freaky Come teach me
Wet floor sign I’m leaky
No freaky but I’m freaky
You want me Then come eat me

Need a Black man in a white tee
Love BBCs no ice creams
I had a dream that you fucked me
Is it safe to say that’s a pipe dream?
Out in New York
For my backdrop
My face up and
My ass out
Smoking backwoods
During back-shots
Goin In and out like a trap house
Turn a bitch out no freaky
Touch me tease me
Just come eat me
Come use me
Be greedy
A movie
I’m a pimp but ya dick never limp
Toes curl like it went to gym
More than one let me bring in a friend
Woke up we gone do it again

#WorldstarHipHop #leaf #nofreaky

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