Lost Girl – Trust Issues (Official Visualiser)

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I bet
I bet
I’m better
There no one baby

It’s 6 am and you been on the phone babe
talking shit and I don’t wanna know
You think that I got another mrs
but I don’t think it’s really your business

Cos I been up
and down I
been telling you you’re not my girlfriend
Maybe I don’t wanna keep it going

Said I got love to give, love to give babe
but I don’t
said you won’t judge the kid judge the kid but
It’s kinda hard

I could be your number one baby
But you won’t be my only lady
I’m a real suttin blame me
I’m crazy

Why the fuck would I be bluffing baby

Cos you think I got it
Cos you think I gotta hella bitches
There lining up in the crowd
And they are
If you don’t wanna know then why the fuck you ask
Could say that I’m sorry but
I said I’m sorry but I’m not
I’m not I’m not,
Nah I’m not sorry

You got trust issues
it’s not me it’s you
You got trust issues
You got trust issues

I hate to dismiss you
This ain’t nothing new
You got trust issues
You got trust issues

Stop tryna find a way
Cos I will never change
Stop tryna find a way
Cos I will never change

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