Canadian recording artist, Packboydon, comes through with style and technique on his very first hit single “Love Letter”. The Toronto rapper merges his melodic but rugged sound with a ghetto lullaby of his own. We see somewhat of a mix with both harmony and rhythm accommodated by quality visuals. The scenery displays the onlook of Toronto on a clear body of water inside a luxury boat. With models, jewelry, and money, its clear that Packboydon moves with a passion. We love that motion and pan of the visuals quite very much. Both the sound of the song following the theme/concept play perfectly. It is clear that Packboydon knows the recipe and does well to cook hot singles for the streets. While Packboydon previews the hard heavy sound of “Love Letter” he has been work on both a collage of other songs and visuals. With the anticipation of his next single “Big Bad Wolf”, it looks like he won’t be slowing down anytime soon. The sound is fresh and unique. Packboydon stands out very well and plays through with a sound of his own. We salute the young artist very much. Keep going and make your move!