Respect The Process – Bigg Ceaser #music #videos #musicvideos

Bigg Ceaser has been making headlines as of recent with a collage of music and visuals. The Canadian recording artist comes through once more with an attention-drawing single titled “Respect The Process”. We see once more heavy wordplay illustrated through personal reflection and meaningful storytelling. We see somewhat an intersection of Hip-Hop and social justice. Bigg Ceaser connects words fluently showcasing quality craft without the need to focus on the quantity of the music. Each verse projects a meaning on “Respect The Process” and connecting the roots of classic Hip-Hop with today’s style and sound. We see the ambition and hunger from Ceaser projected through his heavy single. while “Respect The Process” will not be an addition to his upcoming album “A Story Untold”, it does give listeners a preview of what to expect. The album will consist of around 12 songs and 4 interludes. The concept of the project begins with Ceaser witnessing a shooting in an elevator around the age of 8 years old. Each song would then connect and transition to the next piece, highlighting key events of the veteran’s life right up to the present time. The idea is to reflect a life story from beginning to end where each song represents a chapter of Bigg Ceaser’s life. Make sure to keep an eye out and expect the release of “A Story Untold” shortly. While listeners await the release of the album, they can enjoy a handful of projects and singles that Bigg Ceaser has released as of recent time. We salute the veteran lyrist and looking forward to his anticipated album.

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