Troy Ave – A True Story (Official Music Video)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “A True Story” by Troy Ave.
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From The Project “NEW YORK CITY THE MOVIE” Troy Ave drops the soundtrack to his movie named after the critically acclaimed NEW YORK CITY THE ALBUM. This project was delayed because of his wrongful imprisonment and legal battles. But now through the Grace of GOD the Savior is back and blessing us with some necessary heat
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“A True Story” Lyrics:

Aye Yo this movies based on a true story
I left out some of the details to make it less gory
They indicting now of retail
Tryna end n*ggaz story
You’ll see sales then you see cells
Ima end with blind glory
Give it to GOD
couple snakes from the squad got barred
No longer team
I shot this film way back so ignore some of the scenes
Cut off
But the moneys still growing
2 mill tucked off
She brought my fortune up in court
I told that bitch f*ck off
Lien what?!
There’s no bank in America that I trust
I raise my kids
Raise yours so they don’t end up like us
I lost friends to graces and jail
Never prayed I prevail
I only prayed for strength that I was delivered like Mail
Going postal on these vocals
Plug the beat in to the protools
Close your eyes and let me show you How I made it
Visualize every bar
I put cock in tail of these b*tches I made it
Every tip I displayed know they take it
Boyfriends they hate it
I pull up in foreigns it’s hard to fake it
I pull out on startenders they shake it
With the tongue
And I ain’t have to bring one .. 1 out
We laugh at tricks and call em dumb outs
That PPE money dried
She said they don’t be bringing what they brung out
They paper gone but here get this cum out
It’s really nuts what I
Do to these sluts
With they
Fake booty butts
I’m like a triple platinum rapper but Ian move that much
I am a triple platinum trapper and I’m moving as such
Independent I went gold and I had diamonds in crus ted !!!
All my jewelry is bust down
Ya jewelry’s busted
When them testers be coming round
Uh ohhhhh busted
Bus this
Back and forth bus trips
You and you 1 brick
That’s $500 a piece
Sent em to Norwich Connecticut
Extra 10 a piece
Out in New York it was requisite cause they sell em cheap
They got them mandatory minimum rules for hide and seek
Under a kilo will keep you from being off the streets

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