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Zane Smith – I'm Ballin' (WSHH Heatseekers)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “I’m Ballin’” by Zane Smith.
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Zane Smith born Philip Larry Mincey, is an African-American rapper, songwriter and producer from Lithonia, Georgia. An avid music lover from an early age, Zane Smith desired to garner a name, legacy, and respect in the art form he always loved.

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[Verse 1]

I used to have hoop dreams (true)
Now I got my own team, made my own league
Coach and player in my own dream
Look at me, I’m ballin now
Everybody keep calling now
Where was you when I was reaching out
Acting like they see me now
Been making noise, I been around
I stayed down, even when the road wasn’t easy
Kept my vision when they couldn’t see it
I done made it, so best believe it, I’m

[Hook 2x]

I’m ballin, I’m ballin
I’m ballin, I’m ballin
I’m ballin, I’m ballin
I’m ballin, ballin, ballin

[Verse 2]

In the paint, I’m dunking everything
I’m counting cash, I’m making plays
My team paid, ballin hard, got a couple rings
Ain’t too many compete with me, I’m the MVP
Made my dreams a reality
I’m the best player in the league
They played around, I was practicing
Getting shots up in the gym
Working out, watching film
My game tight, now it’s time to win
You know the name, it’s Zane Smith
One-on-one in a court press
Recognize who you messing with
I play hard and I don’t quit
My success, I earned this
[Hook 2x]

I’m ballin, I’m ballin
I’m ballin, I’m ballin
I’m ballin, I’m ballin
I’m ballin, ballin, ballin

[Verse 3]

Stay ready it’s gametime
Share some, cause I get mine
I’m dishing passes, draining threes
Rule the court, I’m the king
I’m an athlete, I am supreme
Running, jumping at high speeds
I stay fresh, I stay fly
Stacking money like way high

[Hook 4x]

I’m ballin, I’m ballin
I’m ballin, I’m ballin
I’m ballin, I’m ballin
I’m ballin, ballin, ballin

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