Listen to the official audio of “Youngsta” by Blac Youngsta x Young Thug.

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  1. Pockets fat like muthafuckin Klumps
    Pocket like a muthafuckin hump
    Wallet like a muthafuckin bump
    Gators got the muthafuckin mumps

  2. i think this shit flopped cus he always cocky. niggas dieing out here for that monry and he be doin stupid shit like throwing it on the floor and using a broom to pick it up at a has station. im sorry thta shit right there would stick in my head

  3. this is my number 1st best  song and hip hopper is my 2th best song I like the part on young thug when he say I forever do my thing out here, on hip hopper I like the part where he say she suck my dick in flip floppers.

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