Britney Spears Is Shaking Up Israeli Politics

An upcoming Britney Spears concert is disrupting Israel’s political process. (We’ll spare you the “Oops!” jokes.)

According to Haaretz, the pop star is scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv on July 3, the same day the Israeli Labor Party had planned to vote for a new leader. Though a music concert wouldn’t hinder an election in most countries, Britney’s appearance is so huge and rare that it’s soaking up security resources.

Haaretz reports the Labor Party was having trouble recruiting security and ushers for their election, which was supposed to take place right next to Britney’s outdoor concert. Sources said many guards and stewards had already been hired to work at the music event, making it difficult to find security for the polling booths. There were also concerns that potential voters wouldn’t cast their ballots because they preferred to attend the show.

The Labor Party had a dilemma on its hands. But in the end, organizers decided to yield to the Princess of Pop and postponed the election by 24 hours. 

As of Wednesday night, the new location of the primary voting booths had not been announced.

Source Complex

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