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Chicago’s rising star Chance The Rapper is riding high off last year’s fantastic Acid Rap mixtape.

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Directed by Travis Satten (@travissatten)
Produced by ApK (@weareapk)



  1. What in the fuck, is this fuckery?? I'm sorry if I don't connect on his rap about god, but I'm not into that praying type shit, and whatever the fuck else people do to worship a fake ass nigga. But overall it was alright, I like the singing part in the beginning but that was the only good part of the freestyle lol.

  2. I wont comment on the hook but this is my analysis.

    "My sword look like Michaels" -the sword of truth chance is talking about his grasp and usage of truth.

    "He lent it to me.. im renting a house of god": – shows his humility to the subject. He knows or doesn't believe he is a god (note that) for grasping truth at the level that he does, he is only renting a house that God entirely owns.

    "This sentence he penned it and sent it"- again the humility. he is only speaking his god's truth, he's no god, no hero, for grasping and releasing god's truth to him and the world. because its gods truth he didn't create it he just voiced it

    "Ill give you his contact hit him basically anywhere anytime"- pray to god, listen to him, you in trouble? In combat? Hit him up he'll give you that. That contact. The truth. the sword of michael.

    "Thats my G he got me shining" chance is thanking god for making him what he is and putting the beauty he sees in himself in him. The natural beauty. His "Tangled hair" immediately after he says "his seed don't need no lining- a weed growing reference, its a way to spread out buds. He's saying he's full without the editing so commonplace today. Alternatively this means he is abandoning the drug lifestyle when he says

    "A halo fits on an angel" seedlining uses a ring above the plant to spread it out, hes putting the halo where it belongs; off the drugs and onto the angel or an angel. This is HUGE amazing symbolism for his own shift in life. Seed also is a biblical word for one's children

    "And if the shoe fits" he leads you to believe that he's going to say that he's going to wear the halo- but to the contrary he says "ill tie his (shoes).. and let the (that) kiddie rap." – again chance hits the humility right on the head. Its not about him. He's not THE angel he's not michael he just is borrowing his sword. The kids are who chance believes a halo should be put on. Who we should view as higher than us. Lets take the halo off of drugs and put them back over the kids' heads. Chance values kids and also shows that he believes we should be more like them- something Jesus said first.

    "Finally get the city back" all this is with the goal in mind of changing Chicago into a better place -off of drugs etc. and back on to the kids the homes and their lives.

    "Ask god for a piggy back" chance means to lift him up, which he believes god has done. And now that he's up there he's "within earshot". He can't mean to god, as he is on currently on his back and talked earlier about talking to him, and the lifting action would be irrelevant -which it isnt. He must mean either within earshot of other famous rappers (possibly from chicago possibly not) or just people in power in general (music companies other corrupt institutions or politicians). He says god lifts him and he sees his voice can be heard so he says "thanks for creating us in your image, youve got a sense of hubris" either referencing other rappers calling themselves god and leading people to follow in their ways and/or referring to music companies/politicians/corrupt institutions trying to shape people in their self serving ways. Either fits. Neither was saving Chicago or doing anything very benevolent for anyone with their god-like power. Hes on the real god's shoulder calling out "gods" for their hubris.

  3. I aine understood the message behind this ? lmao but I mean it's Chance, he woke, he's creative weird, and he's dope so for that I love this ??

    Edit: Ima come back in a couple years and see If I can fully get the message.

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