Those first steps of a young artist’s career can set the tone for the rest of their career, but we don’t always hear about those early days. As part of Vevo’s LIFT program, a six-week campaign tracing an artist’s journey, they’re telling these stories in the Becoming program. In the latest installment, we see a day in the life of high school Aminé, shot mockumentary style.

“I didn’t want to bring you back to the home where I grew up and say, ‘Oh look, I grew up in the hood,’” Aminé explains. “Everyone does that. I wanted to show you a day from my past, from high school with my friends, that speaks to who I am today.”

The video features music by Tyler, The Creator and Rat Boy and takes place at Aminé’s alma mater, Benson Polytechnic High School in Portland, Oregon. Watch as Aminé and his crew try to get their music to radio, and stay tuned for more Aminé content from Vevo this month. Below, check out the time we made banana bread with Aminé.

Source Complex

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