Logic has a new album out, and a new mission. In his first-ever Complex cover story, the Maryland rapper speaks at length about his new album ‘Everybody,’ which highlights the importance of society finding a middle ground and moving away from the negativity associated with being “different.”


Logic via Complex

“When I started creating this album two years ago, it was before my other album was even out. I was writing, and it just so happened to be that a lot of the subject matter I’m discussing on this album, which is the fight for equality of every man, woman, and child regardless of race, religion, color, creed, and sexual orientation—because I believe that we are born equal, but we are not treated equally.


But Logic’s music is fundamentally positive and focused on the future. And for the rapper, that means believing a fair and just society is possible.


Logic via Complex

“I’m just here to say, ‘Just be a good person, and really respect others.’ I’m proud to be bi-racial, and there’s a lot of people that say things like, ‘I don’t see color,’ and I completely understand that, but I think different is beautiful, but I think our difference shouldn’t separate us, and for me in this era, in this time, in everything that we’re going through my whole thing is just about unity man.”


Logic’s message of equality is the central theme of his new album, ‘Everybody,’ where race issues in America come in full focus. On many of the songs, Logic speaks about his own experiences, like on the title track.


It also comes up on the uplifting “Black SpiderMan.”


Logic takes a more aggressive approach on “Take It Back,” where he fights for his own identity. This includes moments where others have made assumptions about him based on his complexion, even in hip-hop.


The album-ending track “AfricAryaN” offers a narrative on biracial identity in America, and his journey to navigate life. In all these instances, Logic opens himself up for scrutiny, but with purpose. ‘Everybody’ is far and away Logic’s most personal album yet.


It’ll be interesting to see what kind of impact Logic’s ‘Everybody’ will make, but one thing’s for sure: he has a glass half-full mentality for humanity.


Logic via Complex

“I just hope everybody can just get along in the future. That’s what I hope, that’d be amazing.”

Source Complex

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