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  1. Thug spazzed, y'all didn't notice he said I'll fuck on the cousin, I mean the bousin!!!! (Cause he's blood)

  2. juvie " put in the bag boy you a fag"???

    thug " I fuck on the deacon?, the daughter "

    ain't a Deacon a man ?

  3. if you couldn't tell by the voice and flow this is that old young thug…plus he mentioned the remix of stoner. this kinds sounds like that 1017 thug and prior to that

  4. So many people praising Young Thug… I'm sitting trying to figure out why… Juvenile came in with an execution in mind, and slayed this song before it began, and you niggas are praising Young Thug? Really? I guess sounding like an autistic is passable for "G.O.A.T" material these days…

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