Watch the official music video for “Team Work” by Koly P aka Kolyon.

Koly P’s “The Rap Game Messiah” coming soon.
“Koly Luther King” mixtape out now:

For booking and features call (954) 655-5355 or

Directed by Joan Pabon for Creative Minds Firm.

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  1. kodak thats my brother, why dirty 1000and choo aint mentioned. niggaz wouldnt put ur name on nothing unless they gettin some out off it or if u dead as a friend. been through that shit wt niggaz, but shit ? though

  2. gotta cherish music like this because aint too much left in the world today. ? he did that

  3. I like how we got some real ass niggas representing Florida we not sucked in like every body els in the south

  4. Koly p deserves millions' of dollar because he is unique and the old rap game is on him he is the tupac of this era at 28 koly p is better than kodak there almost even but koly p a straight OG a gansta people should respect his name also gank gaank pompano stand up WE BEEN UNDER TO LONG ALL PEOPLE THINK ABOUT FLORIDA IS FUCKING MIAMI BItch i was BORN IN MIAMI BUT POMPANO MY CITY WITH JIT'S GET KILLED IN GROUPS' OF 3 RESPECT KOLY P HE IS A LEGEND.

  5. this is the really true hard Rapper out pompano out of him n good Diezel yaaaaaa bless fans yoda

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