Viral teenage rapper Rich Chigga is about to play his first ever stateside shows, with shows in Los Angeles, Orange County, New York City, Miami, and Todd Mission. To celebrate his long-awaited arrival in America, Rich Chigga has shared a new song. “Back At It” features his signature cadence atop some eerie production, which he handeled himself this time around. The new single follows “Seventeen,” which was also self-produced.

The track won’t do much to convince people not feeling his music already, but it’s bound to keep his growing fanbase happy. 88rising will be presenting his upcoming tour, which you can check out all the dates for here. He also took the time to reveal that his debut project will be arriving later this year. The track, which sees him announcing that he’s back on his bullshit, was accompanied by a brief video of him goofing off on Twitter. What a guy.

Listen to “Back At It” below.

Source Complex