OG Maco’s “10 Moons 2” EP available here on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/og-maco/sets/10m2

Quality Control Music.

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  1. futur, thanks to france, it will we saved us, thanks og. america always in the futurist fucking time. Be be be

  2. GOOOOO KILLL THE SAMURAIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i need add bloock ; -;

  3. Is this kind of music that you make bitches and how's man fuck you never talk shit about logic if your music sucks dick like you do everyday.

  4. this nigga said hes better then logic and said hes trash? lol this bitch is trash he can't rap for shit.using auto tune to so call rap.logic doesn't even use that shit lol

  5. This guy disses logic but is all auto tune or yelling random shit. This is so bad he needed hot bitches to make out and shake thier asses for people to watch. Where's the art where's the rap

  6. Ami the video I liked and everything but barely saw a little good women in a single room and one grabbing the ass to the other I said mmmmjjjj lesvianas a legend that I invent myself and says like this: When in a room a concert or where there is music or recording and there are good women who have to leave lesvianas LIKE IF YOU ALSO BELIEVE THAT WHAT I SAY IS TRUE ?????

  7. thought they ran out of money hiring all those hoes they were drinking apple juice til I saw the Redbull can XD. this guys trash

  8. could b the worst rapper I ever heard…but then id be catorgizing  this trash as rap and that aint fair

  9. You can tell them bitches just wanted to be in a video. I like OG maco but this shit was A1 Gar-bage

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