The Best Rap Verse of the Month (November)

Have you heard that new A Tribe Called Quest album yet? If not, you should really handle that. Everybody from Phife to Q-Tip to Consequence to Busta Rhymes are rapping on an elite level on that joint, and the production is some of the best of the year. Genius never takes a break.

Originally, Phife Dawg and his patois raps on “Black Spasmodic” looked like it was going to take the crown this month, but Q-Tip’s verse on “Lost Somebody” makes us tear up with every single listen. Kamaal touches on Phife’s birth, their rocky relationship, and his brother’s untimely demise in a expertly delivered tribute.

The imagery is vivid, and the sentiment is heartfelt. If you really feel like crying, watch Jarobi and Tip’s SNL performance. Those allergies are going to start acting up once Phife’s banner drops as his verse on “We the People” comes on. Shouts to Q-Tip for earning November’s Best Rap Verse of the Month.

“Now, in the time when niggas wasn’t supposed to be born

Best of us are left for dead in cities that look war-torn

Vietnam going wrong, heroin going strong

Neighbors would whoop that bad ass

Just for running through their lawn

Walt met Cheryl, Cheryl met Walt

Trinidadian love sprouting through the asphalt

Love was consummated and the angels registrated

Two were to be born but only one of ’em made it

Inside a cloud of sorrow, a silver lining and joy

It’s a bouncing baby boy, a king’s name they would employ

And before he even squeaks, it’s decided it’s Malik

Now give him hope, give him care

Raise him while his grandma there

Watch out momma, if you stare

Light brown eyes’ll keep you there

Let’s progress the story just a little bit

Malik, I would treat you like little brother that would give you fits

Sometimes overbearing though I thought it was for your benefit

Despite all the spats and shits cinematically documented

The one thing I appreciate, you and I, we never pretended

Rhymes we would write it out, hard times fight it out

Gave grace face to face, made it right

And now you riding out, out, out, out, damn”

Rest in power, Phife.

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