Gavriella Israyl sheds light thru HIP HOP music on the reality of being a Single Mom CEO Change diapers. Daycare drop. Stop by the studio to approve final mix. Meeting with newspaper journalist 9:30. Transfer funds for promotional budget for new music video. Talk to Lawyer. 11:30. Lunch. Rehearse songs. Listen to new music for final edits. 3:30 pick up kiddos. Dinner. Bath. Teeth. Bed. Let’s go. “I have no complaints, because I love what I do.” Nothing seems to phase the young 35-year-old single mother of 6. She seems at a unattainable peace as she playfully tells us about her seamless journey into the HIP HOP music industry. “I kinda wanted to stand out with my first album.” Indeed, she does, the first female MC ever to drop 3 ALBUMS in one year, she truly is a force to be reckoned with. The Witnessez: Vol.1, Gavriella 2020, and her latest The Gavriella Show. “When you do it independent you can control what you do and put out what you want, that’s the joy of being an indie, I am my own BOSSS.” “Which is nice when your day consists of all the things that I have to do. It can get overwhelming so I make sure to take time for self-care and spend lots of time with my beautiful children. “ We asked her what she would like people to know about her music. “It is for the soul, it came from my soul, a soul that has been through 35 years of this life and is here sharing my experience. I call it SOUL MUSIC.” HER ALBUMS AREs OUT NOW. You can get her album EXCLUSIVELY on http://www.gavriellaisrayl.com or all streaming music outlets as well.

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