The Most Savage Memes Inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart Part 4”

When Kendrick Lamar drops a track like “The Heart Part 4,” it’s time for the culture to stand up and pay attention. For the most part, my Twitter timeline has been on one, primarily dissecting what looks like the latest shot in the saga that is K-Dot and Big Sean’s relationship post-“Control,” but because it is Twitter, cats are getting those savage tweets off. F*ck it, it is a Friday, why not have some fun? And what better way to treat oneself than to dive head first into the illest memes that were born from K-Dot’s pen?

Is this where those K-Dot/Sean convos started?

For those of you wondering what Drake—who owned the conversation prior to “The Heart Part 4” dropping—would be feeling, don’t worry; there’s a meme for that.

That feel when you aren’t sure if Kendrick’s dissing you or the other dude.

Truth be told, though, Kendrick has been shooting at everybody since “Control.”


And this is just facts.

Kendrick’s sitting in the studio like, “I wish you would.”

Meanwhile, battle lines are being drawn amongst the public.


And of course Meryl Streep had to make an appearance.

Sadly, five minutes of bars, sans hook, isn’t for everyone in these digital skreets.

This might be the best way to describe “The Heart Part 4,” though.

Source Complex

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