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50 Cent Calls Bleu DaVinci "Cooperator," Shares Message From Big Meech In Prison!

50 cent’s Black Mafia Familyseries was given the green signal for a second series after its success in the first few episodes. However, there has been much chatter about the show before the season even began.

Bleu DaVinci was the sole rapper on BMF Entertainment in the early 2000s. This has caused concern and warned 50 cent about making sure it is right.

Bleu’s comments were ignored by 50 on Thursday (October 21). He then posted a video to his Instagram, using a scene taken from The Five Heartbeats. This suggests that he is on the outside looking in.

Fif called Bleu a “cooperator” as the caption refers to the rumors DaVinci conspired with authorities in order to get a lower sentence. He was sentenced to five years in prison for his connections to the BMF crime group.

In response to Bleu D’Inci’s BMF threat, former BMF underboss Chad Brown “JBo” Brown posted this clip days before.

Bleu DaVinci may have made his feelings about the show public, but BMF kingpin Demetrius Flenory has a completely different attitude to 50 cent’s STARZ series.

Fif shared a message that the Black Mafia Family cofounder sent to his son Demetrius “Lil Meech Jr.” on Friday, October 22. Fif thanked 50 for helping to shine a light on the Black Mafia Family and helped to set his family on a “legitimate path” when so many have abandoned them.

Big Meech’s October 8 message reads, “Keep in touch so that we can discuss the 3rd episode and whatever else you are doing out there doing positive vibes!” I love 50 for making this possible.

It’s almost as if he was the only one who saw the light and helped us to get on the right path.

“50 has done so much for me and it is priceless. I will do anything for you if necessary!” Your dad, the true Big Meech B.M.F., is my son. “Immortal!”

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