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Alpo Martinez's Son Popperazzi Po Fears For His Life After His Father's Death?

The World is Talking About Alpo martinez Being gunned down This grisly weekend rubout of a Harlem crime kingpin-turned-informant continued to reverberate Monday, with the victim’s grieving son searching for answers and fearing for his own safety.
No arrests have been made in the bloody shooting of Alberto “Alpo” Martinez, a notorious New York City drug lord, who went from ruling an East Coast empire to cooperating with federal authorities to save his own skin.Martinez, 55, went into protective custody following his release from federal prison on murder charges thanks to serving as a government witness. But if federal authorities couldn’t keep Martinez from a killer’s clutches, his son, Randy Harvey, wonders what chance he has of staying safe.It was like a student and a teacher, you know?” Harvey told the Daily News of his relationship with his father. “The stuff that he wanted to teach me when I was little, but he wasn’t there. He told me how to be safe. It’s making me wonder, am I really safe? He’s a prime example of someone who went into protective custody, changed his name and everything and it still caught up with him. There’s still no way to really be safe. He was so big. I don’t even know who hates him.”According to credible sources, it was revealed that Alberto ‘Alpo’ Martinez was shot and killed in Harlem. The shooting took place early Sunday morning, in a drive-by fashion. Police noted that Alpo was hit multiple times in the chest, with shots coming from the vehicle passing by on West 147th Street near Frederick Douglass Blvd, around 3:20 am.

The EMS attempted to rush him to the Harlem Hospital, but Alpo did not make it. News of this comes after the 55-year-old was previously seen riding his motorcycle around Harlem in 2020. #alpo #alpomartinez #richporter #alpokilled #alpomartinezgunneddown #alpodead #alpomartinezshot

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