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Bill Cosby Makes a Jaw Dropping Statement About R Kelly Today!

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TMZ met Andrew Wyatt (Bill Cosby’s spokesperson) last night, after R. Kelly was convicted of racketeering. Wyatt said that R. Kelly was guilty because he felt that the R&B singer had been wrongfully convicted.

Wyatt stated, “We spoke about it today, and the first thing that he said was, ‘Look, this guy was railroaded.'”

According to the spokesperson, Cosby had brought up Gloria Allred, a women’s rights lawyer for women, and she was criticized for doing to R. Kelly exactly what she did by publicly representing his accusers.

He said Gloria Allred did the exact same thing as he did with her. Wyatt stated that you parade women out and stir up public sentiment against him. “My client’s conviction was overturned by Pennsylvania State Supreme Court. They saw the truth. What we see today in America with R. Kelly is an assault upon Black men, and this is an attack on successful Black men doing great things.”

Wyatt continued his comments by expressing his belief that R. Kelly would make a strong case if he appeals to the higher courts. He believes his conviction will be overturned. You can hear more in the video clip.

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