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BREAKING: T.I. Arrested In Amsterdam!

T.I. was apparently arrested in Amsterdam on Tuesday (August 3) over an unfortunate biking incident. In a video uploaded to Instagram, the Hustle Gang boss explains he was taken into custody for using his phone while cruising through town. He claims he didn’t stop crossing the street, and that his handlebar broke off the side mirror of a police officer.

He said, “So I’m in jail now,” in an Instagram Live video uploaded by . “It’s obvious that I’m not supposed to have my smartphone while I’m riding and because the cop ran into me and broke my side mirror…and I wasn’t carrying my passport. I don’t know. It will be fine. He was very upset. I was having a blast. I am still not upset. They didn’t even handcuff me when I was arrested. They simply opened the door and invited them to sit in the backseat. I obliged.

“Let’s see how I can quickly make my bond, ’cause they don’t take cash. They don’t seem like to accept the cash I have in my pocket. I haven’t had any handcuffs placed on me yet. They haven’t searched me yet. We are working on the buddy system here, and I like it.”

In another video, T.I. is out of jail and says he didn’t know the man yelling at him to stop was police.

He said, “He was in white van.” He said, “I didn’t know he wasn’t police. He looked like a furniture delivery …. I didn’t realize who he was. Then he pulled, and I continued pushing. I thought he was talking to me but I didn’t understand what he was saying.

“Then, he sat on the side and said, Stop!’ I understood. I saw it said police in another language so I thought, “OK, they must be police.” I pulled over. I stopped, I slowed, but I wasn’t fast enough to let him see me, so he pulled up behind me and tried to cut my throat.

Tip claims that the officer then pushed up against his handlebar using his rearview mirror, and then knocked the police car off its tracks. He was then arrested.

Tiny, T.I.’s wife, was clearly present on the trip. She could be heard laughing with locals about the fact that police in the Netherlands don’t shoot Blacks.

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