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Jay-Z Is About To Testify Against?

Jay-Z, a rapper mogul, is likely to be grilled by the witness stand about claims that he broke a contract to promote his perfume.

Parlux Fragrances has filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against Shawn Carter, 51, accusing him, under a 2012 agreement, of failing to sell the Gold Jay-Z fragrance.

Monday is the first day of jury selection for civil cases.

Parlux filed the suit in Manhattan Supreme Court in 2016 claiming that the “Empire State of Mind”, rapper, declined to promote the perfume on “Good Morning America” or in Women’s Wear Daily. Parlux is also accused of refusing a Macy’s promotional appearance.

It claims that it pitched a contest for a $20,000 perfume bottle and an 18-karat Gold cap. Carter rejected the promotion and kept the prototype.

Jay Z’s “Gold” fragrance costs $20,000 and comes with an 18-karat Gold cap.
According to the company, Carter allegedly failed to live up his end of the deal and it claims that Carter and S. Carter Enterprises were responsible for its losses.

“The launch went well and Palux’s retailers received rave reviews at first,” says the lawsuit filed Jan. 25, 2016.

“But, in the perfume industry, it’s virtually impossible to sustain success of a celebrity scent brand,” the lawsuit stated. This was without “promotional support” from celebrities in the form public appearances and “regularly updating the brand with “flanker” launches and new line extensions.”

Launches of “Flanker” include “using new packaging, sometimes new fragrance scents, and some variation of the original brand name,” according to the suit.

Carter countersued and claimed that he owes $2.7 million to Parlux for the deal.

Although the rapper had already given a video deposition, Judge Andrew Borrok stated that Parlux should call Carter to testify as a witness in the case and do it the “old-fashioned” way.

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