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Jay-Z's Cousin Bee-High and Rocnation Just Caught A Case!

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A new lawsuit alleges that Jay-Z’s cousin cheated an investor in a platform video game for his Roc Nation entertainment company.

Briant Biggs is the cousin of the famous hip-hop singer. According to Blueprint Capital Holdings, Briant was part of a team that raised $1.5 million for Roc Nation’s video games subsidiary, Unanimous Games.

Jay-Z’s cousin Briant “Bee-High”, Biggs, is being sued over allegedly defrauding an investor in Roc Nation’s Unanimous Games.

Blueprint Capital Holdings sued Biggs for failing to repay the money it had invested in Unanimous Games. Biggs was reportedly part of a team raising $1.5million for Roc Nation’s subsidiary in video games. Ryan Collision of Blueprint, the president, stated that he had invested $250,000 in March 2018, and was informed by Jay Park, Yo Gotti and Meek Mill that they would be participating.

Collision said that he was promised the money, plus interest, would be returned in March 2021, but it never happened. According to the Manhattan Federal Court filing, Unanimous failed to respond to financial information requests regarding the company such as tax returns.

Blueprint was allegedly informed by Biggs that he expected a $5 million investment in July, and would pay what he owed. Unanimous eventually gave him financial information, which revealed that he had received thousands in unpaid Unanimous Games revenue in 2019 and 2020.

The suit stated that Unanimous Games had not provided any tax returns, income statements or general ledgers. It also did not include any profit and loss statements.

Blueprint Capital Holdings has sued Briant Biggs and Unanimous Games for fraud and breaching contract.

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