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Meek Mill Just Started World War 3 With His Record Label!

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Sometimes a rapper will complain about their record label and it happens often. Meek Meek joined the club on Monday, October 25th. He vented his frustrations about his record label.

Meek, a Philly rapper, took to Twitter to voice his frustrations with the current deal. He had 10.9 million followers. Meek claims he hasn’t received any money and doesn’t know how much his label takes from his earnings.

Meek said in a deleted tweet that “I haven’t [sic] been paid from music and I don’t know how much labels make off me.” “I need lawyers immediately!” “

He said, “Ask your record label?” How much have you spent on my artistry? Then you might ask, “How much have you made from me as an artist?” I’m going to make my record deal public on monday to let the world know what these people are up to! “

Meek Mill currently has Atlantic Records, Maybach Music Group, and is also under management with Roc Nations. Meek Mill is not revealing any details, but it’s possible that he is referring to himself.

N.O.R.E. may have inspired Meek Mill to take to Twitter to vent his frustrations about his label. The Drink Champs host shared his personal experience with the music industry during a recent visit at the I Am Athlete podcast.

Let’s say that $800,000 is what they give you when you sign up to a major label. It’s a loan,” N.O.R.E. N.O.R.E. You have to repay the loan with interest. If you don’t pay back $800,000, they will put you in the red.

You can still be hot, and you didn’t make back $800,000. They’ll give another album to you, but instead of $800,000., they’ll give $1.2 million.

He said, “But you’re still in the hole for $800[K] You understand?” You have $1.2 million more and if that isn’t enough, you’ll be in the red for both. This is a loan that comes with interest.

“Hip Hop isn’t meant to be won by the artist. It has never been intended for artists to win, and the more you understand your contracts, the more disturbing it becomes.” #meekmill #rickross #jay-z

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