Azealia Banks Criticizes Rihanna’s Disdain For The Muslim Ban

On top of being a talented lyricist, Azealia Banks is now and obvious political scientists who can translate all of Donald Trump’s executive orders and decisions for those of us not as savvy. Case in point: The Harlem lyricist took it upon herself to comment on Rihanna’s post about the Muslim ban. The Anti singer shared the same sentiments as other who are overcome with rage, disgust and sadness that thousands of Muslims are being denied entry into the United States.

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In Banks’ response, she questions whether Rihanna is an American, as to determine if she has a place to comment on the political climate of the country. Banks then proceeds to explain why Donald Trump–a man she’s called her “hero”–is simply doing his job.

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“We started a war we have to finish or else it will finish us,” the 25-year-old captioned. “…all great empires will fall, as will this one, but for now we’re just getting started. We are set to take over and control the entire planet. As we will. Our failure is not now.”

This past weekend was the one year anniversary of Rihanna’s smash album Anti. The pop sensation took to social media to speak on the grueling process of creating the album and shared candid photos of her during the process. However, Rih-Rih did take a moment to acknowledge the political and emotional turmoil many are experiencing due to the Muslim ban. We highly doubt Rihanna will respond to Ms. Banks, but if she does, we can only anticipate the glorious shade shade she’ll throw.

Update: Our favorite bad gyal did respond and well…Shade Level: Expert


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