Over the weekend, it was announced that Halle Bailey, of the group Chloe x Halle will be playing Ariel on the brand new live action version of The Little Mermaid.

Following the backlash that ensued after the announcement, Ebro in the Morning reacted to the news, and picked up callers to express their opinion on the casting.

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  1. Just because Europeans brought African slaves to the Caribbean shouldn’t mean a native mythological half man half fish creature from their should be black, if anything it should be the ethnicity of the native Caribbean, Carib’s.

  2. The first female captain marvel was black but she’s white now but it’s a problem when Ariel is black? Where was all this outrage when Brandy played Cinderella? Was y’all child hood over then because the ones that’s complaining not my Ariel grew up on that movie as well

  3. I bet u almost all these white people don't even truly know y they mad other then they racist i think if the actress can nail the part what the Hecks color gotta do with anything

  4. Nick Fury should be white according to the original comic… please go tell Samuel Jackson that he can play Nick Fury… don’t worry… I’ll wait.

  5. Sebastian doesn't have a jamaican accent. There are more important things going on in the world and people are worrying about which millionaire is getting paid to do what by which billionaire.

  6. As a long time little Mermaid fan … I loved the little mermaid my favorite Disney movie and I think Halle Bailey is absolutely beautiful and really her personality and looks portrays Ariels youthful vibe and that’s what’s most important. Even if someone can have red hair or be whatever race if they don’t have the personality it can’t work. I’m so excited for the remake and I think she will do amazing plus to me she looks and sounds like Ariel ?

  7. In a way it’s offensive to both sides. It’s offensive to whites because they’re changing what they’re used to seeing Ariel as (even though they should really get over it) and it’s offensive to blacks because they profiting off of black people, it shows that they are too lazy to create another black princess

  8. I get Ariel is fictional and her voice and red hair matters yes but think about it a lot of people will be heart broken that the fact a girl in different color will be playing Ariel and grew up watching her it’s very devastating I know Halle bailey has a wonderful and awesome voice but why not make a new Disney princess that can be African American or why not make the princess and the frog/ or if she is gonna still be playing in the role why not make mulan be Hispanic that bueatiful then

  9. If I was black, I would have been pissed that they do not make original black characters now. You do realize most of those stories were stolen from the Japanese and Europeans. Lion King was stolen from the Japanese. Little mermaid is a Dutch tale.

  10. Wow what a way to destroy Danish culture where they have statues and take pride in the little mermaid being a national icon… I guess I can laugh at black slavery now and not worry about being discriminated against 😀 HA HA HA

  11. "Tradition" is a dogwhistle word. Brandy's Cinderella was the biggest debut of a televised fairytale at that time. C'mon. And the point Ebro made about "Happy Holidays" is actually VERY smart.

  12. Being a MERMAID is ALL about guvung uo your Identity in order ti have what you want. THAT Sounds MOST like a BLACK WOMAN.
    THATS their theme & msg. BLACK WOMEN need to GIVE UP THEIR VOICE &&& their very IDENTITY in order to be successful in the SURFACE World. Trust me. They MEAN IT

  13. This was the stupidest segment and I just wanted to punch everyone in that room. Y’all are feeding right into what Disney wants. Now they’re getting everyone’s dollars. From the people who want this movie to flop (cause you know they’re gonna see it) to the blacks who think they’ve won and pissed everyone off. If anything y’all should be outraged that they’re getting this “hand me down role” instead of creating something new that blacks could really admire and our children could really look up to. Think about that.

  14. Laura and Peter will have to postpone dinner plans to remove there heads literally out of ebros ass, ebro says racist things all the time and I'm not one of those morons who thinks only certain people can be racist. ANYONE can be racist and ebro uses that privilege often …

  15. Yes shes a cartoon character of a non existing type of water creature but honestly, Ariel did look much better & pretty in her original form. Ariel looked better as a red head under the sea.

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