Katt Williams’ is expected to undergo anger management classes after he pleaded no contest to a camera theft case from 2014.

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USA Today reports Los Angeles prosecutors made their remarks in the case on Monday (April 16) after Williams was sentenced to three years probation for the encounter. The incident was brought to light in 2015 after celebrity photographer Leslie Redden claimed Williams and Marion “Suge” Knight took her camera in September 2014.

The two were leaving a studio when they came in contact with Redden. Williams told reporters after the incident he and Suge didn’t steal Redden’s camera, but were upset she filmed Knight’s then five-year-old son. Williams’ encounter with Redden wasn’t caught on camera.

“I’m as interested as you in finding out what the lady says her actual story was,” he said at the time. “I knew that she was engaged inappropriately with a child, not with any adult. We’re talking about a five year old, let’s be very clear.” Williams’ attorney added Monday that the comedian took the camera from an associate to erase any footage of the child.

The troubled comedian is currently on a five-year probation stint for a separate gun and drug charge as well as a three-year probation for punching a female restaurant employee in 2016.

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