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In this clip, Keefe D detailed his time as a drug dealer and how he moved tons of cocaine in Los Angeles and beyond. He also touched on cooking up PCP but said he left that alone once crack cocaine took off and became more profitable. Keefe D talked about having a Colombian connect and how he was touching millions of dollars during the peak of his days as a dealer.

Purchase Keefe D’s ‘Compton Street Legend’ here:

Purchase Keefe D’s ‘Compton Street Legend’ book here:



  1. He talked about how your suppose to only be in the drug game to make enough to get out. But he claimed he made millions and still went to jail with nothing to show but stories.

  2. How the fuck do these black guys in the ghetto make millions of millions of dollars there smart enough to run a million dollar buissness evade the cops and not be smart enough to have a relative or someone they could trust out of state to hold money for them in the event they get locked up I just don't get it this dude had to have made like 100-200 million what the fuck how stupid can you fucking be put property in other people's names bury the money in the woods and if you were so smart you would have money left and you wouldn't be ratting out your nephew on the world wide Web you Rat motherfucker This clown is full of shit he could make a big Mac if someone taught him

  3. So fucking full of shit no drug dealer talks like he talks no drug dealer gets on fucking TV tells his crimes and the ones that got busted I did 15 years in prison for shit I’m not gonna fucking talk about a dumb fuck fake ass dude

  4. Yo do your homework this nigga was lending puffy cars for videos in 95 ?? He def was getting $ . And a lot dudes co sign him .. yo he just real laid back … kinda slow but do your homework

  5. Vlad says you describe PCP as one of those ancient hood secrets: Keefe D: No I wouldn’t call it that. Lmao!! Did Vlad just make the 1st portion up?? It’s PCP not ahwaska!!!

  6. keefe moving a metric ton a month? i call bullshit on that, if so he would be 15 freeway ricks in 1 time, biggest drug dealer in history? sit down keefe

  7. I get it now he did favors for reggie wright jr and that white ex cop who got fat then skinny so he cud get outta jail thats usually the way it works wit genital wright jr you scratch his bacc hell lift ya balls up and smellem

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