SC HD via YouTube
SC HD via YouTube

Migos have taken over the charts with their music and now, they have transferred that energy into taking over TV. After appearances on Ellen and Live With Jimmy Kimmel!, the Atlanta rap group stopped by SportsCenter to speak about the meaning behind “Bad and Boujee” and the history of the Dab.

Throughout the eight and a half minute interview, the trio touched on topics that may have been questionable or up in the air for a minute. A question that many have been asking themselves is related to the iconic Dab move. At the one minute mark of the interview, Cari Champion asked Migos about it and the group elaborated on it.

“Dabbin was a way of fashion” Quavo said. “After, we just turned it into a dance.”

“We didn’t know what it was going to do at the time. We just had our camera man recording us having fun,” Takeoff added. “It was just something the whole dance squad was doing on stage. It was just a dance thing.”

The Atlanta trio also gave a very short and brief lesson behind their meaning of “Bad and Boujee.”

“If you bad, you just top notch. You turnt up. You lit,” Quavo said. “And then when you boujee, you might be a pretty boy on the court.”

The interview continued on as Migos spoke about the heartbreaking loss the Atlanta Falcons took in the Super Bow.l The group even did some hilarious ad-libs during a showing of a Stephen Curry highlight reel.

In other Migos news, the group just dropped their video for “What the Price,” a song that comes from their hit album Culture.

Check out the full interview below.

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