50 Cent filed for bankruptcy after he was ordered to pay $5million to Rick Ross’ baby mama over leaked sex tape.

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50 Cent files for bankruptcy to avoid paying settlement money to Rick Ross’ baby mama. He took it a step further by posting pics on instagram joking about hard times. Will he actually get away with it? Let us know in the comments!

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50 Cent Ballin’ After Bankruptcy | BOSSIP REPORT

Go broke or die trying?

Guys, it’s Janeé from Bossip.com and I wanna talk to you about 50 cent filing for bankruptcy.

Now, this news came on the heels of a recent legal decision which would have granted Lastonia Leviston five million dollars reward for a lawsuit that she filed against 50 Cent.

Now the judgment was against him for basically improperly using her image, in the sex tape that he put out last year.

Now you may remember her as Rick Ross’ baby mama, now you know 50 doesn’t want to pay up for that and he has another judgment
against him from sleek audio.
He tried to market headphones that they say were of their design.

Now the bankruptcy is looking a little crazy because we all know 50’s got money and the public is pretty much looking at this as a ploy to restructure his funds, so he doesn’t have to pay up.

The question is, will he actually get away with it?
Now in the meantime, 50 has been playing with the public. He put up a photo on Instagram with the smart car, talking about hard times;
but at the same time 50 has got his pride and he’s showing he’s still got money by throwing it in the strip club.

What do you guys think about this? Does 50 Cent deserve to have his bankruptcy granted, to avoid paying these legal fees or do you think that in the end he will ultimately have to pay up?
What’s the right thing to do?

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