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Ayanna Jackson goes on to explain what happened moments after the alleged assault at the hands of 2Pac’s associates. Jackson reveals that she was “hysterical” in a room with Charles Fuller – Pac’s manager at the time – who tried to calm her down.

She alleges that Fuller would not let her leave the room and told her “You know what happened to Mike Tyson. You know what’s going on. Pac doesn’t need that.” Alluding the rape allegations against the boxer and how they tarnished his image. After moments had passed Ayanna says she barely remembers the details of getting dressed, but once she was ready, she went out to talk to Tupac, who asked to see her. Once in front of the late rapper, she says she screamed at him for allowing her to be taken advantage of and in response, all he allegedly said was “Get this b**ch out of here.”

Jackson says she left the hotel suite and bumped into security in the elevator who questioned her disheveled appearance and took her to a security floor after she began to cry.


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