Boyce Watkins: Immaturity Led to 50 Cent’s Bankruptcy

[youtube ytid=”″ ] – Dr. Boyce Watkins made another video exclusively for VladTV where he discussed 50 Cent and his current financial issues. 50 – who Boyce Watkins feels has “fallen off a bit music-wise but he’s still relevant,” recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after being ordered to pay $5 million in a sex tape case. “You’re a grown man,” Dr. Boyce Watkins goes on to say as he addresses Fifty directly. “A grown a** man has no business getting involved in teenager s***.”

The financial scholar also believes 50 Cent’s social media actions are immature, as him and his friends take to Instagram to show off their expensive cars and flash their money. Dr. Boyce feels Black men need to better support their women and children. “You don’t prove to people how much money you got by throwing money away,” Boyce Watkins advises, adding that Black people “need grown men in the community, not little children.”

Press play to hear him define bankruptcy protection, explain why the financial state of hip-hop is “just not that healthy,” and why people of a wealthier status than most cannot do the things they once did in Dr. Boyce Watkins’ latest clip.


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