SHARE – Battle rap veteran Conceited came through to build with VladTV and discussed the fight that occurred between the NWX duo and Chess and Steams during their first battle, the recent growing popularity of two on two battles,

The clip begins with Con being asked if he witnessed the mayhem on stage during the first battle between K-Shine and DNA and Chess and Steams at URL’s Redemption event. The Brooklyn, NY representative responded that even though he did not see the fight, he spoke to DNA about the occurrence and justified the actions of K-Shine by stating that everyone has their breaking point. He then went on to state that he wishes their rescheduled bout goes down without any violence.

The subject of 2 on 2 battles becoming a growing trend then became the topic of discussion. When asked why he felt duos competing against each other is gaining popularity within the URL, Conceited stated his belief that NWX team is the main reason behind 2 on 2 matches being sought after by both battlers and fans of the culture. When asked if he was interested in stepping in the ring with a partner, the Wild N’ Out superstar stated that although that it is not in his immediate plans, it could be a possibility in the future. He then mentioned his fellow S.O.N.S member, Heartless, B-Magic and Harlem legend Charlie Clips as ideal partners.

Watch the full clip above to hear if Conceited is still interested in battling Cassidy.