– Slaughterhouse lyricist Crooked I knows that VladTV viewers “undoubtedly want the real,” so he decided to chop it up with Vlad about his days with Benzino and speaks on how the former Source Magazine front-runner manipulated him when he decided to accuse Eminem of being racist. “I was standing right there when he made that announcement,” Crooked I remembers.

“I was rolling through New York with Benzino and Dave Mays, and you know, I’m just a young kid, I’m tryna get on out here,” Crooked I recalls before being told by the guys from the “hip-hop bible” that they had to make a stop.

Once they got into the banquet room of a hotel, they were immediately swarmed by the media and press, leaving Crooked I to think “what the f*** is going on?” Then Dave Mays and Benzino played Eminem’s “Foolish Pride,” a song he wrote after being in a relationship with a Black woman, and the press went nuts. “I was sitting right there, as a Death Row artist, and now look, I’m a Shady artist,” he says. Watch on as Crooked I relives the moment above.