Curren$y on Vintage Cars, Buying One off Lil Wayne + More (In-Depth Interview)

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Curren$y, the subject of our latest digital cover for July/August, invited us to his home in New Orleans so we could get a peak at his car collection and see exactly how he’s living. Spitta Andretti is vocal about his collection of vintage cars, whether it be on social media or on wax, chances are you’ve heard about them.

While we were in NOLA, we hit up the infamous car shop, Street Customs, which Curren$y co-owns with his manager, Mousa. We chopped it up about Spitta’s penchant for old school automobiles while we there. The rapper talks purchasing his first vintage car off Lil Wayne before Hurricane Katrina, how he used to draw his favorite cars back in school (and later was able to purchase each), and more.

“Before the Monte Carlo, I had a ’64,” Spitta says of his first big car purchase. “I bought it from Lil Wayne in like 2000…when was the Hurricane? 2005, I bought it before Katrina. He bought it from Mac 10, but he didn’t really fuck with it, like Wayne just had it sitting at the house. And then it broke, Mousa fixed it, and he had it at his house. When me and Wayne got tight, I was like, ‘yo where’s that one car?’ He was like, ‘that? If you want that car you can buy it. Just give me like 7 grand you can get it.’ That’s like a steal, so I fucking bought that, fixed the hydraulics and shit back up, I didn’t paint it or nothing. I rolled it around after I fixed the hydraulics and put some new wheels on it, and then the hurricane came and done away with it.”

The rapper also explains what draws him to vintage cars as opposed to purchasing that new-new off the lot: “That Camaro— that’s the new Camaro. It’s nice, everybody thinks so, so there’s gunna be 99 of them at the red light. That’s not gunna happen— even if somebody do pull up on me in another 64, it’s not gunna look like mine ’cause I did that. It’s not gunna be the same no matter what, so that’s it. And no matter what I pull up on, in my mind and in they mind, I’m smashing them.”

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