SHARE – “The original job for a policeman was to catch escaped slaves and protect the property of slave-owners. And it has not changed.”

David Banner is fed up. The outspoken southern rap artist sat down with VladTV to discuss police brutality and the current state of hip-hop, and when it comes to both, Banner believes people need to stop watching it all take place and take action. “Our kids are dying. Little Black girls are getting beat. Where all the gangsters at when it comes to that?” he asks. “Everybody in hip-hop say they from the hood, but when the hood needs them, they’re nowhere to be found.”

Hailing from Jackson, Mississippi, the public speaker has also noticed how hip-hop doesn’t recognize socially-conscious artists as much as the rappers whose lyrics hardly hold any substance, especially those from southern states like Big K.R.I.T. “If hip-hopper’s ain’t acting like monkeys, people don’t f****** support them. And I’m tired of that, dude,” he painfully expresses. “What’s going on in hip-hop right now is embarrassing, dude.”

From the McKinney pool party incident to incarcerated Black men, David Banner strongly believes instances like these wouldn’t occur if their skin color were a lighter shade. “America would shut down,” he states with an undeniably angry tone, recalling a talk with a friend of his who works for the law. Press play to find out how Banner plans to hold hip-hop consumers accountable for the way they portray the culture, and why it’s up for hip-hop sites like ours to put the Black community in positive light, since major news stations like FOX hardly ever do.

Listen to David Banner’s newest single “My Uzi” with Big K.R.I.T. on iTunes and Google Play. When it comes to his upcoming LP ”The God Box,” he claims it’s “one of the best hip-hop albums period. And after it comes out I’ll never say that again – it’s gon’ be up to y’all to do it. And hip-hop say they want something better, well it’s here. And if you don’t take it now it’s your fault.”

To discuss music and current social issues, Banner encourages you to hit him up on Twitter @therealbanner.