Is a stripper the cause for Crystal Renay deleting pics of Ne-Yo from her instagram page?


Crystal Renay deleted all pics of Ne-Yo from her instagram. What do you think this all means? Is the engagement over? Let us know your thoughts below!



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Did Ne-Yo Cheat On His Fiancé Crystal Renee With A Stripper? | BOSSIP REPORT

Trouble in paradise for Crystal Renay and Ne-Yo?
What’s up guys it’s Janeé from and I gotta talk to you about the controversy over Crystal Renay and her engagement to Ne-Yo who is in love and currently pregnant with his son. Things may have taken a turn for the worse though because people noticed earlier this week Crystal had removed all pictures with Ne-Yo from her instagram account it’s all her all the time none of him. Many people wondered if there was trouble in paradise, if perhaps he was cheating or something to that extent there was a comment on one of the instagram pictures that said to ask Ne-Yo about the pussy he got at the Sofitel in DC. Now Ne-Yo performed for the Chinese State Dinner at the White House last week, Crystal Renay, our sources are saying she couldn’t get that White House clearance so Ne-Yo actually brought his Mom to that dinner, now while she was at home preparing for the birth of their child he was allegedly bedding a stripper. We haven’t heard any denials from Ne-Yo yet but Crystal seems to be a bit perplexed about what to do. She posted a video with the ring then she removed the video, then she posted a photo with the ring saying my face when they talking out they ass hashtag mrs and we wanna know what you think, if your fiancé cheated on you, while you were pregnant with a stripper would you stay or would you go? make sure to leave a comment below and for more videos like this one subscribe