Geno Smith punched by teammate, suffers a broken jaw.


Geno Smith caught the ultimate sucker punch and is now suffering from a broken jaw all over a $600 plane ticket! Now the Jets will be without a quarter for about 2 months. Will the Jets be ok without him? Let us know what you think in the comments!



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Geno Smith Catches The Fade For Not Having Teammates Money! | BOSSIP REPORT

This next story is a jaw dropper sorry Geno Smith on the Bossip Report.
Yo, this is Tyler Chronicles and this is the Bossip Report now Geno Smith quarterback of the New York Jets and he owed a player on the team some money new linebacker no contract yet, the linebacker came and asked Geno Smith to come and speak at his football camp this summer. he spent $600 to get him a plane ticket to come there something came up Geno Smith couldn’t make it. that’s fine. moving forward on the training camp, linebacker confronts Geno Smith and says hey man I need my $600 for that flight that I booked for you to come to my hometown for football camp. Geno Smith says I got you and you know when somebody that really has money says I actually got you, that means they got you, they actually got you and you probably not going to get your money back but that dude knew that and guess he threw a punch and knocked Geno out of his season. I ain’t never seen nobody get a season knocked out of him. He practically broke the man’s jaw and everything they said that Geno Smith tried to throw a punch back but it got intercepted. I don’t know what happened with that. Check it out right here on the Bossip Report. Leave your comments below and if you the nigga that punched him and you working at Whole Foods right now because you don’t have a job sorry about that man but leave your comments below too because i’m sure you’re on instagram watching and make sure you subscribe. don’t forget that. look at the flick of the wrist.