Jah discusses Chris Rock being pulled over by the police, and Isaiah Washington’s response to it.


Isaiah Washington tells Chris Rock to adapt to racism and Twitter reacts! Comment below and let us know which #TweetLikeIsaiahWashington tweet is your favorite,



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Isaiah Washington Tells Chris Rock to Adapt to Racism | BOSSIP

What’s up bossip fam. This is Jah, Assistant editor of
And we’re here today to talk about Isaiah Washington and his reaction to Chris Rock being fought over by police.

Over the past several months Chris Rock has been posting videos and pictures with Instagram and Twitter pages every time
he’s pulled over by the NYPD driving through his neighborhood.

Over the past couple months we’ve seen at least three different instances of Rock being pulled over for some unknown reason.

In response to that, actor Isiah Washington sent a Twitter message to Chris Rock saying that he traded in his ninety thousand dollars Benz for 3 toyota prius’s in order to adapt.

The Reason why Washington said that he had traded in his Benz was because he had an instance with cops
out in Los Angeles where he was pulled over in his Benz truck,
the officer approached his car with his gun drawn and scared the 2 children that he had in the backseat.

Now we all know that’s just fucking stupid

there’s nothing in the world that’s going to prevent a profiling police
officer for harassing black man that he feels he done something wrong “What did Chris Rock adapt to? They’re looking for something.”

Isaiah Washinton’s message respectablity polotics set Twitter on fire immediatley a trend starter, tweet like Isiah Washington lasted all day and is still going on right now

if you want to laugh I suggest you hit Twitter right now and search
tweet like Isaiah Washington I guarantee you’ll be at your desk
at your car, anywhere you’re at.

So what do you think? Is your car gonna affect how police officers
deal with you

Have you ever been pulled over in the middle of the afternoon
driving some raggidy piece of shit and still got a hard time from the cop?

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