Lord Jamar On Jared Fogle Scandal: He’s a Piece of S***

[youtube ytid=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz3R1XNqlps?autoplay=1&w=580&h=385″ ]

https://www.vladtv.com – The Jared Fogle scandal is one very few people saw coming. The former Subway spokesman took a plea deal last week after confessing to having relations with over a dozen young girls. On top of his wife leaving him, Fogle is expected to serve a minimum of five years in prison and pay each of his victims $100,000, convictions many feel don’t amount to the crime. If it were up to Lord Jamar, the man he looked at as “just the n**** on a Subway commercial” would be hung by his own body parts. Though he didn’t believe the accusations at first, upon second glance the rapper can understand all too clear how something of this nature could take place.

Lord Jamar also believes Fogle’s actions may have resulted from long-standing emotional issues. Listen as he discusses the factors that may have led to Fogle’s name being involved in the investigation and explains why he’s going to have a hard time in jail in our latest VladTV exclusive.


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