SHARE – Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s romance has taken over the headlines for the past couple of months, so we thought it would be fitting to get VladTV regular Lord Jamar to share his thoughts on the situation.

The Brand Nubian emcee told VladTV that he sees Tyga as Kylie’s “starter d*ck,” and he believes that she has plenty of other men to sleep with before she eventually settles up with a billionaire. He then commented on Tyga getting the reality star’s name tattooed on his arm, and Jamar shot back at the question by asking where Kylie’s tattoo was for Tyga.

When the subject changed to Kylie recently admitting to getting lip injections Lord Jamar chalked it up to white women wanting to look more ethnic. He used examples from the past to pad his argument and then debated whether surgeries like nose widening and tanning injections will be popular in the future.

Check out more of what Lord Jamar had to say in the above clip.