Lud Foe on Dropping Out of School: I was Selling Dope, I Wasn’t Into School (Part 2)

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In this VladTV exclusive rising artist, Lud Foe opens up about his life, expressing that his father was around but couldn’t be the man that he wanted be for him. He also talks about getting incarcerated at 15 and not being able to stay with his mother anymore. From there, he went to go live with his father. “I respect him as a man for that because he stepped up,” said Lud Foe.

The “My Life” rapper admitted that he dropped out of the 8th grade and went back to high school for a semester. Throughout the interview, Foe reflects on being young and making rash decisions. Today, he holds on to his mother’s wisdom and wants to buy her a house.

Take a look at the exclusive above.


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